Canal 5 Studio
Canal 5 Studio is led by a team of five principals, leveraging our combined knowledge and experience to create places of meaning, quality, and character. We are a partnership of diverse strengths: There is diversity in our skills, but unity in our passion for contemporary design.

We make bespoke architecture. It is our intent to design places that reflect cultural identity and that will endure in peoples’ memories.

Patrick Costin
Patrick Costin is always building, whether it’s the connections between people or the connections between ideas, so architecture has been a natural career path. Son of a doctor and nurse, he is naturally drawn to healing.

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James Gauthier
What do commercial fishing, general contracting and architecture have in common? James Gauthier can tell you. His view of the world and sustainable approach to design is shaped by a lifelong connection to the natural world and the practicalities of building.

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Tim Hart
Inspired to return to architecture school after a career running a family business, Tim Hart is always seeking ways to build a better mousetrap. At its heart, he believes architecture is about solving problems.

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Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson’s biggest influence? Her dad taught graphic design and was a prolific photographer who inspired a generation of students to frame their experience differently. Jess took note. She thinks it’s made her a better architect.

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